What is this?

         Summer is a great time. People are taking vacations, playing sports, and doing as many things as possible before the cool winds start rolling back in. To be honest, we are just busy. Due to that busy schedule we seem to always find ourselves on, we often find ourselves being too busy for Church functions. We don’t claim that being at Church is the sole way to having a relationship with God, but it does help.

            What we want to do is give you some extra motivation this summer. We have come up with this 70-Day Challenge to guide you through 10 Biblical stories. The idea comes from Luke 10 where Jesus sends out 70 disciples ahead of Him into the surrounding areas to do ministry. And when they returned to Jesus, Luke says that the disciples returned “with great joy.” We are calling this a ‘Challenge’ instead of a ‘Reading Plan’ because there is more involved than just reading. In the 70 days that we are on this journey, exploring examples of Biblical figures going and making disciples, we are challenging this Church to bring in 70 new guests or even bring 70 new people to Christ. We see Peter and the disciples in the book of Acts bringing 3,000 new believers to Christ in one day, so why can’t we do 70 in 70 days?

            Along your journey there will be teaching videos available at gtownfcoc.org that will go along with that week’s reading. You will also find specific weekly challenges to help us reach our goal. Each week you will explore a new Bible story of someone making disciples, and we will see what our own community needs to hear from these stories.

            What’s great about the story in Luke 10 is that Jesus does not send out the disciples individually, but tells them to take a partner with them. We believe that you should do the same. Do not do this alone. Find a partner who you can walk along side this summer as you go through this challenge. Maybe a family wants to do this together, that’s great! Having a partner will help you keep accountable to following through with your weekly challenges and getting to that ultimate goal of 70 new guests or Christ followers.